The Kiss..


A Definition??

First, let’s consider what we do when we kiss; we kiss when we lock lips with other person or maybe just apply our lips to any other relevant/accessible part of their body.

But what a kiss really is; is the easiest, simplest, most sensitive and practical way of touching. Yes, kissing is just a more intimate way of touching (one or both parties just use their lips!!!). The difference and significance lies maybe in the sensitivity, because it’s a scientifically proven fact that the lips are one of the most sensitive and accessible parts of the body apart from the genitals of course! Then one may suggest the hands for comparison, well that’s easy; the lips are wetter and more intimate (inside the body you know!!!)

So kissing is just the best way of touching without full body contact or actual sex but with a lot of FEELING.

Types Of… And Places Where…

An old one is the kiss on the hand; a friend of mine told me that when a guy pecks a lady on her hand, it means “I adore you”. I suppose in some societies it’s just a formal and flattering way of greeting ladies…I’ll really like to see a lady bow and put her lips to my hand. Then of course how the ladies feel about it; for the purpose of not sounding too authoritative on ladies’ feelings…I’ll leave you to fill the blank space yourself…how do you feel when a guy pecks your hand?

Then there’s the kiss on the neck/anywhere on the face except the lips. I honestly think some people get tired of lip-kissing and explore other options. Then of course there are some other nice places on the face and neck worth kissing for the purpose of romance. Please note that a lot of people do not fancy the use of saliva in these circumstances=eww!!!

Above are the instances where you don’t necessarily need to take your clothes off. But then kissing is not always an independent activity and can be combined with more intensive romantic or sexual activities. THIS IS WHERE WE TAKE OFF OUR CLOTHES and kiss from chest, across stomach, genitals to laps.(Pardon my formal words)
What little experience I have has taught me that a lot of people are either too shy to do this, uncomfortable, or they don’t just get it (she).This is why it’s important to see kissing as an intimate type of touching. Most of those people can touch these places with their hands but they can’t with their lips???Well I’ll just say “you do not know what you are missing”!!!(I’m pro-Head incase you haven’t noticed )


My favorite gist here is the position of one’s head or face when kissing another on the mouth. It’s sometimes difficult to keep both heads straight and it’s also impossible to keep your heads stable/static when it’s bent so one ends up continuously bending and shifting one’s head forwards, backwards and sideways.

Kissing on the mouth is the most romantic type of kiss and it is more than touching when the tongue is involved or when the kiss is just deep. Deep kisses however are difficult because; deeper kiss=more teeth and less teeth=better kiss).

And by the way, close your eyes when you kiss; what do you want to see anyways? Looking at someone’s face at that distance is scary and uncomfortable.

Friendships start with hellos and relationships start with kisses. It’s your introduction, your signature and your reference point. Without kisses, smooching will just be fondling. A light kiss says good morning; a passionate kiss says I’ve missed you…a slow kiss means I don’t want us to stop.

Piece by oriaifo Donald. Ff @omila1stplace ( all gbagauns are intentional)

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