The end of an era ;Death of snaptu

I welcome all of you to a lil rant, something like a Pre-Christmas special, as it clearly shows snaptu is the major topic here…I’m just here to tell those depressed inferiority complexed creatures that even if snaptu’s gone you still won’t be happy or get laid as the case may be . People joined twitter for the same reasons you did, not for hate or to be put down by some retards that claim to ‘have mouth’ @shenino I see you bro…can never forget that your retarded tweet “if you’re using snaptu you’re going to hell” that kinda shit is just wrong, what if your mother told you that you were a failed abortion how would you feel?? I’m not pressing p or anything just tryna say that don’t put others down cus of what they have, for all you know the person you’re insulting could buy your father so why unnecessary evils? I’m sorry for not naming other people cus some actually know where I live; D (My lil attempt at comedy for my low iq’d peeps)..I’m not the mouthy type it wasn’t meant to be funny so if it isn’t up to par with your usual rants that you read well ……you know the way to hell
*walks in rocking #200 Beats By Dre*
– Temisan #paramode? :/

Temisan: NO 😐

– P-pressing? O.o

Temisan: NO 😐

– Ok o *suit urself bro*

*clears throat n smoothens carrot jeans* 😐 Yes, I’ve got carrot jeans, it doesn’t matter if I bought it @ No. 10 Harvey Road 3-|
M beating around d bush ba? Pardon me o, this is my 1stattempt @ ‘writing a blog’ x_x
*deep sigh* THE DEATH OF SNAPTU, when Temisan told me about it, I SOLILOQUIZED (its correct jo :|) Is Snaptu Really Dead? I ddnt even need to answer the question myself, one careless glance around my shanty apartment in Pako cast my eyes upon my Nokia X3 lying half-dead,infact dead sef on a shelf nearby x_x that phone suffered sha, I bought it 22k in PH city *#scam ba? I kno :(* that time facebook was the in-thing o! Entered unilag few months later n got intoduced to twitter, tnx to my loving aunt @Mystiqqal #NoFamzo 😐 *clears throat, sips pure water wit straw* I started tweeting o n it was fun, until I followed some ‘TweetCelebs’ (handles withheld) 8-|, all of a SuddenLin€$$ my tweetworld was in shambles, no thanks to this guy =====> @shenino he’s like the BUFFY of Snaptu users 😦 u could call him Seyi The Snaptu Stroker x_x he insulted n stroked all snaptu users on twitter *sigh* and this was a site we all joined for fun o! 😦 I even had to hide my X3 in my pocket anytime I got to d car-park front of Moremi Hostel 😦 However, the straw that broke my poor back was when I saw this tweet “@PpDanJoy: If you are a guy and you use snaptu, you are #GAY” ‘Tony wept’ ;( , I para-ed,scammed popsy n bought a BB (Temisan stop laffin jo 3-| it was a semi-neccessary evil)

Temisan: Tony dis is gettin too long o

Me: I know, my emotions have gotten the better of me again 😦

😐 Twitter, unlike other social networking sites encourages straight-forwardness, pretenders can’t survive there, so to begin stroking fellow tweeps cuz they don’t tweet ‘via ubersocial or uncleuber or uber50 or A.Plus or….

Temisan: Tony!

… my imagination sha, its the zenith of childishness!

Temisan: Tony!!

*voice increases* It doesn’t even change d price of vagina immolators!

Temisan: TONY!!!

They haff even begun to attack their fellow BB users (curve2 users sha) most notably @DrowBebe. I won’t symphatise wit them o! 3-|they stroked snaptu users too na abi?

Temisan: what goes around comes around.

*wise nod* so if I carry a curve2 to new hall, I’ll get looked down upon? Its sick yo! You bang a 50year old homosexual to buy a 90k Bold5 and I…….sha buy my curve2 shey all of us dey ping?!

Temisan: Tony,!!
U buy Torch2 70k n I buy my curve2 20k shey all of us dey ping? #moneycannotwaste jo…..!!!!

Temisan: Guy!!!

We should change d Title of this blogpost tho 😐

Temisan: NO 😐

Maka y? :/

Temisan: u diverted 😐

How 😦

Temisan: your emotions, remember? 8-|

Grrrr! M done here bro! @Blakk_Zarr wee write too ba?

Temisan: Yes 😐

*deep sigh* y’all who read to the end, thanks for your patience *courtsey bow*
For those who have hissed n gotten pissed off already, make una chill small abeg @Blakk_Zaar won’t dissapoint 😐 *hopefully*

*rides away on brand new Yamaha okada*

*rushes back in* Temisan my pure water?! Were did I leave it? 😦

Temisan: u sipped it all, Faggot!

Oh….*exits* I joined twitter in september of 2010, of course naturally I found it weird and strange, quite different from any other social network I had used before. I abandoned it because it was uninteresting to me and tedious until mr gbono (@iambigbrains) literally begged me to get active a bit (not sexual).
So the story begins in may of 2011 when I obliged this gbono and ‘forced’ myself to enjoy twitter and voila just a few days and I was having fun but back then I didn’t even own a blackberry (why? That’s a story for another day), I was using a Nokia E5 which I bought in february of 2011 for the same price a curve 3 goes for now (Checks fridge for cold maltina).
Tweeting via web was irritating (as we all know) so I made enquiries and the verdict came back; SNAPTU.
I never used to notice what app or client tweeps tweeted from until the day I saw a tweet referring to a tweep as a ‘snaptu user’, that’s when I took time to observe and noticed that majority of the people I followed actually tweeted ”via ‘something’ for blackberry”. Despite this realisation it hadn’t dawned on me (a novice on twitter) that twitter wasn’t a playground like I initially thought, but very serious business (The issue of congratulatory messages on number of followers is a story for another day).
And so day after day this funny concept grew stronger (rumour has it that @kkdonjay or @drewbaba started it) that ‘snaptu users’ were the scum of the world. Well I was a snaptu user and I was still naïve enough to take this issue P, I even got into altercations with a few ‘bb users’ (which I was sure my E5 cost more than their curves) and was really spoiling for a tweet fight (*sigh* oh, how I have matured in the last few months).
*note to psycho01-i missed the snaptu war so no gist,lemme round up*
I’ve come to realise that twitter is serious business (don’t let @knewkeed tell u otherwise, you could also ask gbagaun detector) and various subject matters serve to keep it an interesting business. Snaptu was one amongst many (we have tweetoracle, leaked dm’s, we have tweetfights to mention a few) and now that snaptu and ‘ordinary baby’ (coughs) are late we all have less drama to tweet, retweet, favourite and read. What else but to wait for a new innovation from our ‘twitter celebs’? (Sips from cold bottle of maltina). By @i_am_psycho1
@RENEGAD_E @Blakk_zaar 😀 PS:
*all gbagauns are intentional*

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Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.


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    1. As ur name implies, no1cares how many minutes of ur life u’ve wasted 🙂 u could simply bang ur knee against the wooden chair u”re sitting on no 🙂


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