Get A life

Those 3 “WORD” can hurt but are meant to make you re-think that something’s wrong with your life somewhere :(..sad sad last blog was all fun but some retards and voltrons took it P :(,kkdongay even wished death upon us,seyi was spoiling for a fight all day and ended up with hotdodo,shud have told me if it hurt now..for no special reason tony and zaar will elaborate on today’s topic..enjoy

*hops down from jangulova*
Tony: temisan do yo have a life sef? :/

Temisan: nope 😐

Tony: Awon retard, that was a rhetorical question 😐

*faces the sparse audience*
Last week, P-Pressers complained that d blog was too long and boring, well 😀 I’m goin to ensure that ds week’s edition’ll be longer and most boring 🙂
While I was joggin naked thru my TL ds evening I stumbled across an amazing tweet (Yes, that kinda tweet that’ll make.u wanna tear ur pajamas,pour ash on ur head and scream…..

Temisan: …BLASPHEMY!!!) ;(

Gbamest! =====> @NawteeNancy: Thz @TweetOracle Guy Iz Cute Sha….
Ds one needs to get a life tho instead of appraising The New Face Of Tura (a dead soap btw) 3-|
Life did NOT begin on twitter, and it wee NOT end on twitter so why Twitfight? Why organise ‘quizes’ like we are in “kindargaten”? Why take the pains of stealin quotes from google to impress ur followers? Why stroke curve2 n non-bb users? Why tweet over 100,000 times within 1year?! Why name ur handle @FreshFishToBadt? Life is too short to use 15 alphabets for one handle na 😦 Life is too short to buy two 1,000 naira blackberry batteries just incase one dies, u wee na ‘bring in d reserve’ *smh*

Zaar: Tony ds is gettin too…

Temisan: Just leave him abeg *deep sigh* 😦

Life is even shorter when u tweet about how ur day went n then press p like your brain stopped developing while you were a foetus! Like TF hu cares? @Vintage_hawtie I see u, u don’t only need to get a life, u need help as well and also a cup of period blood.

Temisan: it haff do na…

Finally, life is too short to FAMZ, this is a sub
My parting comment is one of pure inspiration, stolen from @KkDonGay ‘DEATH TO ALL WHO PRESS P CUZ OF THIS BLOG’ 🙂
Note: I DON’T have a life, I wank in my dreams x_x. *walks into new hall*

*walks on stage and picks mic*
Hello, testing 1 2 *feedback whines*
*clears throat*
I’m pretty sure you can’t wait for me to rant, I will don’t worry……..but before I vent my frustration check this out:

Get a life please, don’t come on twitter to hallucinate and fantasize……are you that poor, at least you are high up enough on the social strata to know about and use twitter. The oracle claims to have a life (none of my biz if he does or does not) but I ‘respect’ him because at least he is making twitter into a life for himself (doesn’t mean I like the orange boy take note) because who can tweet for an hour and not see an oracle tweet or RT on his/her TL. Now u come (u don’t even have up to 500 followers) and famz oracle in such a horrendous manner 😥 sad, sad, sad.

This is so true (if you no gree go give knife BJ). Don’t come to twitter and start making strangers (who have a life by the way and came to have fun) feel like thrash, so your own miserable existence can be justified. Channel it into making a life outside and maybe you too will have voltrons one day. Imagine this
Who does this △if you had a life you wouldn’t be worried about ‘ex-users of snaptu’
The next thing you will go and attack nimbuzz and writelonger users all because you use a bb which u got gangbanged by 50yr old feggots for…(Cleans sweat from forehead with white handkerchief)
Ruggedman by the way and tunde ednut whom y’all love to hate have lives, and so they have more followers than your beloved tura model (doesnt mean tunde shudnt give google a rest;he should focus on his career)

Well tweeted, So I won’t waste anymore time ranting, they say a word is enough for the wise, but

we will give you three(since we have very few wise people on twitter), ‘GET A LIFE’ (I hope it will not overload your 300byte hard drive brains)
Temisan: beht y sub seyi??
Tony: \..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯
Zaar: *sigh*

Temisan: *wise nod* please zaar round up *looks at wristwatch*
Okay okay, yeah, if you have read it to this point, congratulations, you most likely don’t have a life, and you will run back to twitter and start *hacking cough*
Excuse me, as I was saying if you are on p mode right now and this blog e yaff pain you reash bone, ┌П┐ ┌П┐(•͡_ •͡ ┌П┐ ┌П┐ *drops mic*

*walks out feeling like Sylvester Stallone at the end of Rambo II*
Temisan: zaar omo u gats get a life soonest 
Zaar: 😐
*all gbagauns are intentional*
This was brought to you by @i_am_psycho1 @RENEGAD_E @Blakk_Zaar …:|
Pictures speak a thousand words so enjoy the few we have

@shenino's attempt @ sensibility he tried sha

@shenino’s attempt @ sensibility he tried sha


7 thoughts on “Get A life

  1. Yayyy! Im 1st 😀 Great job AGAIN, I can relate to this blog on a personal level and i believe thats the most important thing for readers. But of course, you have to be on Twitter to fully grasp what’s going on. Its a beautiful piece and I look forward to reading many more.

    PS: I totally agree with you about the Orange Man!!


  2. LMAO, I’m indifferent 2 TweetOracle, the more u guys talk about him, the more popular he becomes! Twitter should be fun not a P pressing site :|…. Nice blog ☺


  3. Now I’m on a p-mode too…. So this is how Temisan takes twitter activity his personal pee shey?? Shout out to Zaar(whoever that is). Beht make dem dey tawk true sha, it is a nice piece.


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