Coochie Diaries Reborn

So the day being our anniversary, i had a pretty special night planned for myself and my girlfriend.. I got home all psyched with a wide ass grin on my face. “Go get dressed,its our anniversary” i tell her… Fast forward the 2 hours she uses to take a shower (Women.. Tsk Tsk)
I’m just out of the shower, still damp, barefoot and wearing only a towel. She’s in the bedroom, in just her bra and panties, searching through the closet looking for something to put on, i come up behind her and wrap my arms around her. We’re standing in front of the mirror, looking into each others eyes through the glass. A smile creeps up on my face. “Happy Anniversary Baby, I Love You” i whisper,  softly pulling her ear lobs with my teeth at the last word.. I lift her hair to the side, so i could nibble against her neck. My right hand moves to cup her left breast. I give it a little squeeze and then start to rub the fabric against her nipple, can feel it grow lips are hot against her neck,  i notice her stare at me in the mirror “I thought you wanted to eat out?” She asks.. I look up, grinning, “yes.. Yes.. I plan on eating out” I replied with a wink. I slip a finger under the lace of her bra, pulling it down and exposing her hardening nipple. My fingers grasp it. Gently at first, and then with more intensity, i pinch her nipple. I know how this makes her react, she had unwillingly spilled that piece of info a few days earlier.. I knew she would get wet almost instantly. I watch my face in the mirror, her eyes darken with passion, with the promise of deep pleasure…  Her lips aren’t open neither are they shut.. She let out a soft moan.. If i was an olympic sprinter, that moan was the gunshot.
I could feel her trembling,her back was arched,her lips moving but no words were audible. My left arm moved down to push her hips back against my body, pressing my already engorged penis into her lower back. I knew she could feel how hard I was. I continue to kiss and nip at her neck, as if this were merely a brief caress before dinner and not the beginning of me seducing her yet again. I normally like to see how far i could tease her this way, to see how long it takes her to break down. I move my left hand down to the crotch of her panties, slide one finger along the outline of her cunt lips, pressing the fabric in. I can feel the heat and a bit of wetness building “stay home or go out?” I asked, all I heard was a faint “uhuh” I smiled and returned to kissing her neck.. I slip a finger along the waistband, and then slowly put my hand down the front of her panties. I can feel her shiver with anticipation. I relax my grasp on her, giving her one last opportunity to move away, break the spell, reject me. I knew she wouldn’t or couldn’t move, but it was fun to watch. Slowly i trace the same line as before, only this time there is no fabric between her and my fingers. I slip one finger against her clit. Anticipating the gasp and the spasm that always follows, holding her firmly against my body. My dick had swollen immensely, hungry and bold, pressing hard against her back. My finger slipped deeper, sliding easily in her wetness. I look up from kissing her neck to look into her face, reading her need, the need that answered my own deep desires. With one last soft tug on her nipple, i reach around and unhook her bra letting it slide from her shoulders down to the floor. Reluctantly my finger slides back up, past her throbbing clit, and i pull my hand from her crotch, hook my fingers in the waistband of her panties and draw them down over her hips and down her lovely legs. They fall to the floor, the last bit of clothing and there she stood naked before me in the mirror. Gently i turn her around to face me, put my arms around her waist, and kiss her hungrily Breaking the kiss, i lift her in my arms and carry her the few feet to our bed, lay her down and stretch out just beside , as my towel drops to the floor. She reached down to touch my dick, “No” I stopped her. Kissing her once on the mouth, i lower my head to her hard nipples, moving from one to the other nibbling, leaving each one cold and wet until i return once again. My hand glides down her belly, tracing her pierced belly button in passing, and moving down to her fountain. My fingers once again slip between her lips, feeling the hot wetness that i had caused. a second finger in now, feeling my way to that one little spot. I find and rub that spot, moving only the fingers inside of her. I look up to watch her body writhe and her face told me everything. I couldn’t stop the quick smile on my face . I could feel the contractions of her cunt begin around my fingers. I shift my body again so that my mouth hovers over her cunt. With my hands i gently disclose my goal. My tongue darts out, flicking at her engorged clit. I grin with enjoyment at how she squirms under my efforts. I tuck her legs under my arms and grab a hold of her ass to keep her from squirming away altogether, pinning her under me. I start to stroke her clit with my tongue, long slow licks up, and slithery side to side licks down. Over and over. Hearing her uneven breathing, i stop for a moment to let her catch her breath. “Okay?” I asked looking up. She gave me a nod and a grin.. That was all I needed. I slip two fingers back in her, i wasn’t done yet.. Finally with my licking and stroking, I felt her body go tense,i  could feel her cumming. I kept at it,licking,flicking until i heard her cry out.. Her juices on my face and tongue.. I lay beside her,she obviously was exhausted.. “As soon as she recovers, she’s mounting me like a glorious trophy” I thought to myself.. But for now, knowingly, i hold her in my arms knowing the real fire hasnt been started yet.



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