Bad Market 

  Chicken feathers and tar for shame or for play
The whips of the unruly crowd 

The shame of stolen bananas 

The pain in punishment 

I did nothing wrong 

I was just hungry 

I’m not the worst thief out there 

Why must my disgrace  be made so public 


Don’t bring out that tyre 

Don’t light that match 

Don’t douse me with fuel 

Don’t watch me burn 



My mother will miss me 

I won’t do it again 

I was just hungry 

The crowd replies as one 

It starts from just a fruit 

Don’t talk anymore 

We might just burn your mother too 

For birthing such a fool 

It is no crime to steal 

It is a crime to be caught 

And when you are caught 

Be silent and stoic 

Be hardened in what you have done 

Don’t call it a mistake 

It wouldn’t have been one if you weren’t caught.


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