Neighbors Peacefully Fighting  

Life brings us
From south and north
East and west
To side by side
Esteemed acquaintance
On the other side of a narrow wall
Dividing us
Like two Germanys
there are times when
Installed on my balcony
Puffing smoke into the surrounding air
I wonder who began this war
As I do now
You shall soon march out
Key and fuel at the ready;
To replace serenity with cacophony.
Who began this war?
Of pungent smoke and loud machines?
You hail me in greeting
“good day! good neighbour!”
And so on it goes
A smile as I honour the Most High
A smile as you pull your machine
Into noisy life
Within us,
Neighbour, there is turmoil
The noisy Tiger batters my ears
my pungent leaves assault your nostrils
We are both unrelenting it seems
But we tolerate each other
In generous silence
We are neighbours, fighting peacefully.
 Written by : @RENEGAD_E {Tony} 



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