I had a Dream…

I had a dream today
Penniless, idle,
and imprisoned within
a four-walled self-contain
I dreamed a worrisome spectacle
Dark wraiths followed me,
Chased me
and I fled for safety
dreaming of a decrepit shack of zinc.
I had a dream
on a sweat-soaked vitafoam
Frantic and haunting
Hovering over me, a shadow,
Behind my left shoulder, a stench, foul
Mounted on an Okada
I tried a final escape
“take me to community road!”
my voice was hoarse
the metal horse cried a cry, hoarse,
and carried far through the still air..
I had a dream
which suffocated like thick smoke
Down we went, spiralling..
for the refuge of community road.
past many saddened, sinking houses
of communities on community road
into the heart of a forestland
where there was no forest;  
no end seemed in sight
“nowhere” I shook with fright
In this dream, there was no safety
in this forest, there was no ghost
running from them. Running..
until I realised I was lost.
My dream asked many questions;
Who am I?
What have I become?
Where am I?
Who am I running from?
Turn the Okada back to my wraiths
Or continue into nowhere’s nowhere?
the subconscious could not save me.
Luckily, my eyes did.
I had a dream today…


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