The law of the woodlands

Auni wept silently within her hut. She wished for death. What kind of life prevented one from choosing whom to love? Life had crushed her. Using her Father as its tool.
“Auni, you must marry a man worthy of you. Not Jomo who barely has a single barn to boast of. He is no real man. You will remain locked here until you get some sense.” and her brothers quickly put effect to their father’s pronouncement.
Auni fell into further depression. Earlier tonight, her latest attempt to escape to Jomo’s house had been thwarted by the brutes she had for brothers! How she hated them all. She wished Jomo was brave enough to appear and whisk her away to his homestead where according to law she would become his wife. Oh, she wished…
A loud bleat rang through the entire compound, followed by sounds of panicked animals and great confusion. The acrid smell of smoke wafted into Auni’s small hut and was soon choking her cries for help. “Father! Brothers! You all want me dead?” Just then a silhouetted figure crashed into the hut, wrapped strong arms around Auni and bounded out of the yard into the surrounding forest. Jomo!
Immediately, Auni’s father and three brothers mounted animals and gave chase. Through stony earth and bush paths laden with broken sticks, Jomo ran, with Auni desperately clinging to his back. Finally the homestead loomed in view.
“Yei! Auni, they have killed me!” Blood trickled from a small bullet hole in Jomo’s arm. Fear gripped Auni’s chest.
So close. They had been so close!  
Heavy footsteps thumped closer.
No, she would not give up now.  
Rallying her wounded lover to his feet, they tumbled and stumbled together into the stead. Safety at last.
The pursuing men halted and returned home in bitter silence. Finally Kalo, Auni’s eldest brother spoke, “that Jomo is indeed a worthy man. He raided us and eloped to his stead with the woman he loved. According to the Law of the Woodlands held true in these lands by our forefathers…”



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