Freaky Friday V 

The events that are about to be told are purely fictional, any semblance to persons living or dead is a mere coincidence,but is anything really a coincidence? In this world where truth is stranger than fiction. Welcome back to the freaky Friday Universe. We have missed you, you better have missed us too. (P.s) Try to guess what this story is about, I’m sure you can’t. 

The rain was hesitant, when it gave away it released only a few drops scattered about in the wake of the cool night breeze. The two men stood on a raised pavement that led into the compound, smoking Benson cigarettes. A red gate behind them was slightly ajar and silver light streamed from the opening into the paved street outside.
“use my lighter, John” offered the shorter of the men. John took the lighter and raised it to his face. Bright red sparks flew from the floundering lighter and revealed a grimace on John’s face as he worked at it furiously. Finally, he swore in exasperation and his hands went limp.
“what kind of lighters are these abokis selling?” He asked in frustration. Without waiting for his companion to offer an explanation, John tried lighting the cigar again without success. He hissed and glared about the deserted street searching for an open kiosk.
“John, try and calm down,” his friend implored. The man was wondering what John’s wife could have done to get him so infuriated this time. He’d rushed down from his home two streets away, barely halfway through his evening meal, after receiving John’s urgent call to “hurry down immediately!”.
“why?” He’d asked, and gotten a terse reply.

 “its my wife, Jomo. She’s done it again.”

“done what?”
“just come quickly, man. I need you here.”
Since he arrived and met his childhood friend pacing and smoking outside his gate thirty minutes ago, Jomo had become increasingly worried. Just now he had glimpsed the cuts and bruises evident on John’s knuckles while he tried vainly to light his cigar. In addition, all questions he’d asked so far had been met with either a slow shake of the head or a grunt. What was John turning into? The compound within was also eerily quiet. Jesus, What to do? Jomo tried again.
“are the kids asleep? Farah and Ajoke?”
John puffed tobacco out of his jaws. “what do you think,” he said distractedly.
“Yes. You wouldn’t have knocked your wife to a pulp while those adorable children were wide awake. But very soon they will see it happen again. Something must be done.”
Jomo pushed the gate further open and went into the compound. An hour and thirty minutes later when he came out with his best friend’s wife, Adaeze, leaning heavily on his shoulder, John was gone and the street gave no whisper of his presence. 

Meanwhile, somewhere in Oluku,Benin city a few hours to midnight.
High-life music blares from the terribly placed speakers as the big bosomed and ample buttommed serving girls weave around the black-sand filled bar with trays of Nkwobi and catfish peppersoup,the continuous clank of opened beer bottle caps dropping to the floor almost non existent.

The expert serving girls drop their meals at the respective tables and still manage to keep a beat and sway to their hips all through their movements, with various patrons of the establishment casting dirty alcohol tinted gazes at the women bringing their meals and drink. It was part of the job.

At one poorly lit corner of the establishment two men quite far gone in their cups commune.

The first man that speaks is bald with a soft harmless appearance ruined by him trying to pick his teeth with his fingers

“Oh boy I don tire for that thing wey dey my house and her children, I come home and i get angry when I see their decrepit faces”

“What did she do this time?”

“It’s her presence that’s annoying, see now this night I could be with the love of my life but I’m here drinking and nursing bruised knuckles, that thing shouldn’t let me kill her in the name of marriage oh”

“It is because of that your Ada you’re saying all these things now, that small fair one with small breasts” his friend replies 

“Yes oh my brother” a grin spreads across his round face revealing a green leaf stuck between his white perfect teeth. He uses his tongue to nudge the offending leaf away and continues

“My friend, these young girls are different oh. I don’t know if it’s this internet of a thing but these girls know what they want”

“They know what they want ? So your wife doesn’t know what she wants ?”

“No not the way my Ada does it” a sly smile creeps up his face further strengthening his grin

“You obviously have something to tell me. Oya talk” 

” hmm my brother she told me that she needs head from me,I was thinking I’ve gone to fuck one chance and my face probably showed how I felt.

She laughed as she saw my reaction and said she would teach me. I didn’t want to disgrace myself any further so I just nodded my head. Next thing I know we’re in bed and before I bring out my member to perform some acts of service,she pulls me down and pushes me downwards. She then tells me to lick her there that she will guide me on what to do”.

His friend’s face is in pure disbelief at this point 

“And well, did you ?”

“All I can say is that. It. Is. Sweet.” 

They both burst out laughing and don’t see the staggering drunkard weaving their way. 

The drunkard manages to weave through all chairs without spilling his drink but upon getting to their chair he expertly tips his drink into the fat mans lap

“Guy wetin be this now ?” The fat man replies with anger,

” why you set leg for me ? Abi you dey crase? Come outside if e sure you” and he walks out of the bar 

The two friends influenced by alcohol get up with thoughts of violence, the fat man seeing a free source to vent his pent up frustration. 

Upon standing they feel the first wave of the alcohol hit them but manage to stagger out the door In pursuit of their drunkard. 

There is nobody outside and the place is eerily silent, the friends walk out of the safety of the bar’s poor lighting 

“Abi the guy don run? Ehn ikenna?” The skinny friend goes 

“No I don’t think so” 

They keep walking towards the darkness of the express road leaving the bar farther behind with each step.

 Three men step out from behind an abandoned vehicle and walk steadily towards the two friends but the drunkard isn’t one of them. 

Footsteps hastily approach from behind the two friends and before they could understand what was going on the drunkard smashes a healthy piece of wood into the head of the skinny man with enough force to make him slump to the ground instantly. 

The three men jump the fat man and bear him to the ground with ease while the drunkard approaches. 

He dips his hand into his pocket and brings out a handkerchief followed swiftly by a stoppered bottle which he uncorks and dabs the handkerchief generously with whatever liquid is in the bottle,he presses the cloth to the fat man’s face till the man who has been too stunned to shout passes out.

The three men quickly lift the unconscious body and carry him off into the darkness from whence they came. 

By Temisan and Tony


8 thoughts on “Freaky Friday V 

    1. i am a great believer in the law of att/ictaonrfate etc, and therefore found your site at the appropriate time in my life.I’m just about to turn 30 and finally starting to accept & love myself. Great siteso glad i found you. x


  1. I’m guessing it’s about a cheating wife & the consequences that’ll crop out from her actions… just a guess… I’m gripped on the story, can’t wait for the next part!

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